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GRT-302 BIBLICAL AND BYZANTIUM   (9 Nights 10 Days)    
GRT-305 BIBLICAL TOUR IN TURKEY   (14 Nights 15 Days)    
GRT-308 BIBLICAL GRAND TURKEY     (10 Nights 11 Days)    
GRT-309 14 Days TURKEY TOUR & Join The Ephesus Meiting 2009   (13 Nights 14 Days)    
GRT-310 SOUTH TURKEY - SYRIA - JORDAN   (16 Nights 17 Days)    
GRT-353 IN THE STEPS OF St. PAUL              (12 Nights / 13 Days)    
GRT-354 HOLY LAND TOUR                            (19 Nights / 20 Days)    
GRT-355 FOOT STEPS OF APOSTLES           (11 Days / 12 Days)    
GRT-551 GRAND TURKEY   (23 Nights / 24 Days )    
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16 Nights 17 Days

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Arrival at AtaturkAirport Istanbul .Transfer to the hotel . In the late afternoon departure for a romantic cruise the Bosphorus, the former Constantinople in the most beautiful light shows. Dinner on board. Night.

Morning flight to Adana in south Turkey. Right from the airport, we make our way: Well, it is 300 kilometers after Sanliurfa, one of the holy cities of Islam. The city of Urfa prophet, the former Edessa, was a melting pot of religions, peoples and cultures. In the Halil-ul-Rahman Mosque is the grotto where, according to tradition, Abraham was born. We walk to the ponds with the sacred held carp and stroll through the bustling bazaar, on which the medieval citadel enthroned. Already in Genesis is the village of Harran in Urfa mentioned as a place where Abraham on his way from Ur after Kanaan should have stopped. Here we see the impressive remnants of a temple and visit the bienenstockförmigen Trulli houses - even at an intimate tea break. Night.

The Ataturk Dam in the Euphrates will be as high as the Cheopspyramide - reason to marvel at our good 200 kilometers away Kahta after a trip through uranatolische scenery. Visit the ancient city Arsameia with a mysterious and huge relief Felstunnel plates. In the afternoon we drive up to the 2150 Nemrud-meter-high mountain, the last 120 meters of altitude is then only on foot. The Coma genes ruler Antiochus has the 50-meter-high summit of the mountain capped, literally, in order to get a gigantic Grabtumulus build it. In the soft light of the sun are the major species of animals and images of gods spectacular stone. Nemrud in good weather, a high point of travel. About the time of the Roman-born Cendere bridge we drive to Kahta back.Night.

In the early morning departure on the Orontes, to Antakya, the early Antioch (370 miles).Spectacular mountain scenery, once the backdrop to the Crusades, accompany us. In Antioch was formed under the Apostle Paul, one of the earliest Christian communities together. Acts will be alive when you visit the cave church, in which Peter preached to have. Wonderfully vivid mosaics in the museum! Previously information brief tour of the nearby Iskenderun, as Alexandretta after Issos victory in 333 BC. established today a modern port city. Night.

In the morning cross the border to Syria, which is something can be long and drawn out. Is the destination for more than 300 kilometers away Aleppo, which we ride through a barren karst landscape achieve. In the afternoon tour of the National Museum, which is the most important excavations of archaeological sites north of Syria presented. By UNESCO as a World Heritage Site was ennobled in the vast Omayyad Mosque in the Old Town. From there we walk to the extensive Citadel, an outstanding monumental building in the Ottoman era, from which a panoramic view of the ancient trading city offers. 2 nights.

In the midst of a barren Kartlandschaft protrude the relics of the famous monastery of Simeon, which in the 5th century, the cult of saints pillars justified. In early Christianity, when the early Church of the Jewish Christian community separates were monks who retreated into the desert in order for God’s lonely experience. This developed into the Auf-der-Säule-Sitzen/Stehen of the monk Simeon. The legend says that Simeon, from the people for three days unnoticed, even on the column died. Then we drive further to Al Bara, one of the dead cities, now a ruin in the middle field of olive and almond trees. The ancient stone houses are geborsten, the churches of the former residents, all early Christians are leaving in Talsenken silent. Much louder, however, go to the covered and for visitors from the West very oriental souk, where narrow streets, we in the late afternoon stroll.

A full day’s stage of just 300 kilometers - and a journey into yesterday: Even before 5000 years flourished in a culture Ebla, which are still many scientific questions and also the extensive archaeological excavations can not answer. In any case, Ebla was one of the first city-states of mankind civilization. The huge and very photogenic water wheels at Hama Orontes have on the tourism map of the set. Witnesses in the past size of the 2300-year-old Seleukidenstadt Apamea in the fertile valley of the Orontes, where we are in the midst of old stone work to prepare a little picnic. Finally, the journey through the Alawitengebirge after Latakia on the Mediterranean to reach. Overnight at the hotel by the sea.

And another day of significant past: Palace, grave temple ruins and put us in Ugarit back to the second century before Christ, when we first conceived the alphabet. Krak des Chevaliers, by far the best preserved and most imposing Crusader castle of the Orient, is raised against the backdrop of the Lebanon Mountains. The huge scale of the well-preserved structure will be installed on the inside tour significantly. Passing Homs then the well 350 km-long daily stages by Syrian steppe in the oasis city of Palmyra. 2 nights.

An entire day filled with tours in the museum without walls: The UNESCO heritage site Palmyra, this ancient caravan city of the legendary Queen Zenobia, is brought to life ... In the necropolis, in the huge temple for the ancient god Baal high, along the former säulenbewehrten boulevard and the artifacts of the museum is the great skill of the sculptor clear. In the late afternoon charmed to look at the ruins of the fields high above the oasis built Arab castle. Palmyra, unique, memorable, great.

The capital city is waiting, where we in the afternoon, while visiting the National Museum, exhibits great deal of seven years will be. And at the panoramic view from the mountain Dschebel Kasim spreads this former center of the Christian and the Islamic World in the soft light of the afternoon sun literally from under their feet. Already in the morning but in the journey more than 250 km desert, nestled in the village MAALULA at the foothills of the arid Anti-Lebanon. MAALULA was famous for his romantic mountain location, many new buildings have this image now but battered badly. The visit to the monasteries and Thekla Sarkis, the latter after a short hike through the majestic Rocky Gorge reachable sets early Christian accents. In Damascus 2 nights in a boutique-Arab hotel, which will also inspire you. Dinner is served in an old Jewish trading house in the Old City is served.

Once applied Palmyra and Damascus as the "pearl of cities", and actually met the visitors walk through the Old Town (UNESCO heritage site) between Azempalast the Omayyad Mosque and Bimaristan Nuri highlights from the past at every step. First, our way (Note: Most of the morning sightseeing in the Old Town takes place on foot) in the footsteps of Paul to the Christian quarter of Ananiaskirche. Then we visit the Omayyad Mosque and Azem Palace, before we in the huge bazaar umtun. Dinner in a stylish top restaurant in the capital.

On the way to Jordan, to nearly 350 miles away Dead Sea, lies the next UNESCO World Heritage: In Bosra have dereinst on the major routes of the Silk Road between the Occident and the World of Asia crossed, the Roman Theater, with its huge proportions still shows from this past splendor. Then we cross the Jordanian border (Note: Lengthy border crossing!) And pass through fertile mountains after Jerah, the once important Gerasa. According to Petra Gerasa probably the biggest attraction of Jordan with his great testimony of a great past, in their heyday in 3.Jahrhundert about 15,000 people lived. Presumably Gerasa was already settled in the Neolithic period, BC, 63 under the Roman Gnaeus Pompey Magnus part of the Roman province of Syria and a member of the Decapolis cities alliance. In the late afternoon we will reach the capital Amman and from the Citadel with a panoramic view over the tidy-looking new city without a tourist to enjoy sightseeing points. After a short trip to the Dead Sea. 2 nights.

Half-day excursion to the desert castles of the Omayyad In Kharana and Amra, both as a UNESCO World Heritage ennobled, we dive into the time of the first caliph. Kharana, the castle-like structure in the solitude of the desert, is almost completely intact. Particularly noteworthy, however: In Amra over (also) the erotic frescoes inside. The free time in the afternoon, you should be a dip in the Dead Sea, about 400 meters below sea level . Proper swimming is no longer possible.

What a great journey! About 280 kilometers, we will now be on to Petra, but everything is on the way! In Mandaba we see the mosaic of Palestine in the Byzantine world, from Mount Nebo, we look - like Moses Weiland - on the fertile Jordan ditch until the Dead Sea, as the "Grand Canyon of Jordan", the Wadi Mujib, which we crossed into serpentines before the Crusader castle Kerak emerges from ... In the last light of day we will reach the legendary Petra. 2 nights.

 DAY 15 : PETRA (B,D)
Sure, another UNESCO World Heritage Site! Petra, the world of the Nabataeans. From Lawrence of Arabia has unscrupulously geschwärmt has: "One can imagine nothing better than Petra!" Almost the whole day, we will be underway. And at the end of the day you may be the great scientists and explorers, this key figure of the Arab struggle for independence, agree.Depending on the sun shines the unique rocky landscape in different shades of red, there are views of the temple, worship places and grave facades. If desired: Approximately one-ascent in the afternoon to look at the monumental facade of Ed-Deir, a glance, the effort is worth a lot.And in the evening, we offer the screening Petra by night, a very romantic experience (Note: If the travel time on the Vorführplan - and only in good condition possible!).

The last day of this truly extraordinary fascinating journey. Although we are now well on the way to 350 kilometers on a route, but once again the beauty of this region of the world demonstrates.Large areas of sand, red granite mountains - a great scene if we Jeeps in Wadi Ram will be underway. There were many of the gorgeous landscape scenes of the film "Lawrence of Arabia" shot. Destination after a long trip through the flat desert is the capital Amman, where we bring you to a sumptuous farewell party invite. In the nearby airport hotel rooms are available for all participants, including the single, ready.

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Tour Includes :
  • Government licensed and Bıblical Oriented English speakıng guide
  • All tours in the programme
  • Entrance fees to museums and sites
  • Daily buffet breakfasts and 13 dınners
  • Transportation by A/C bus
  • Car ferry cost,parkıng fee,gasolıne,tolls
  • Service tax and hotel tips

    Tour Excludes :
  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance of medical, accident and all personal effects
  • Domestic and Int.Airfares
  • Lunches and all drinks.
  • Turkish visa fee

  •  Day 1 - Inside of Blue Mosque - Istanbul
    Day 1 - Inside of Blue Mosque - Istanbul
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