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Intro: Welcome to Istanbul
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  GRT-201    ISTANBUL TOUR PACKAGE 5 DAYS - Everday between 01 Sep 2018- 09 Mar 2019 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  GRT-202    ISTANBUL TOUR PACKAGE 4 DAYS - Everday between 01 Sep 2018- 09 Mar 2019
  GRT-203    ISTANBUL TOUR PACKAGE 6 DAYS - Everday between 01 Sep 2018-11 Mar 2019
  GRT-204    ISTANBUL & CAPPADOCIA TOUR 6 DAYS - Everday between 01 Oct.2018-11 March 2019
  GRT-205    ISTANBUL & AEGEAN DREAM TOUR 6 DAYS - Everday between 01 Nov 2018- 09 Mar 2019
  GRT-206    DISCOVER TURKEY TOUR 9 DAYS - Everday between 01 Sep 2018- 11 March 2019
  GRT-207    BEST OF TURKEY TOUR 8 DAYS - Every Friday between 01 Sep 2018- 11 Nov 2019
  GRT-401    FIRE OF ANATOLIA - Everday between 11 Nov 2018-11 Nov 2019
  GRT-402    TURKEY TREASURES 10 DAYS          - GUARANTEED DEPARTURE between 11 Nov 2018-11 Nov 2019
  GRT-403    GLORIES OF TURKEY 10 DAYS - *** GUARANTEED DEPARTURE ** between 11 Nov 2018-11 Nov 2019
  GRT-501    TURKISH RIVIERA TOUR - All Year-Round
  GRT-502    JEWISH HERITAGE          -
  GRT-504    MYSTICAL TURKEY          -
  GRT-788    WINE TOUR - 11 Days
  GRT-791    VIP TOUR - 10 Days


12 Days

Arrival to Istanbul. Transfer directly to hotel. All day will be free for leisure. Dinner and overnight in Istanbul.

Departure from hotel at 05:30 for flight to Trabzon by Turkish Airlines TK 546 at 07:00. We will arrive Trabzon at 08:45.And drive to Trabzon. First we will see Sumela Monastery. This Greek Orthodox monastery was constructed within a cavern in the middle of a steep slope above dense forests, and lies 45km south of Trabzon. This was the most important of many monasteries built in the area during the Byzantine era and the best preserved. One of the monks discovered treasures - including the famous icon said to have been painted by St. Luke and responsible for several miracles. Recent restorations have enhanced the quality of the different chapels, some of which contain frescoes dating back to the 9th century. The next stop is St. Sophia Church. Lunch is at a local restaurant at Macka. After the tour we will drive to Erzurum. Dinner and overnight in Erzurum.

Departure from hotel at 09:00.Today we will visit Ishak Pasha Palace. This was built on a hill in east Beyazit in 1789 by İshak Pasha who is the son of vizier Hasan Pasha. Having approximately 360 rooms and lounges, the palace fits the qualities of a traditional Ottoman Palace. It is told that the construction process of the palace took 99 years. All the buildings of the palace take place around two "U" shaped courts, each within the other, and in all the architecture of these constructions a perfect masonry can be observed. In the art of carving and wall embellishments, the traces of Ottoman Seljukian and Persian Civilisations are apparent. Afterwards next stop is Noah’s Ark at Agri Mountain which is Turkey’s highest mountain, Mount Agri (5165 m.) According to the widespread belief, the mountain, which is mentioned in Holy Bible and the Pentateuch.The world was covered with evil things during The Prophet of Noah. In order to punish human beings, God ordered Noah to construct a ship. Prophet Noah, his spouse, his sons and their spouses as well as 7 male and 7 female of all species in the world and 2 male and 2 female reptiles would be taken on board. Prophet Noah had constructed the ship as the god ordered and entered the ship with the creatures. 7 days later, all the creatures except the ones within the ship had been vanished as a result of the flood that had continued for 40 days and 40 nights. With the withdrawal of flood the ship had grounded on Mount Agri, and the creatures had left the ship happily and spread all around the world. The Mountain which has a special place in religion is very fascinating with its majestic appearance rapidly ascending to sky on a smooth surface, with its snowy peeks even in summer and with its vegetation and animal species. Lunch at a local restaurant in Agri. Dinner and overnight in Dogubeyazit.

Departure from hotel at 09:00 and drive to Van. First we will visit Akdamar Church in Van. It is the church that gives its name to the biggest island of the Van Lake which it is on. It is at the southeast of the island and 3 m away from the shore. It can be reached to the island by boats. It had been founded by King Gagik for the honor of sacred cross. There are a variety of figurative representations in the church, such as the banishing of Adam and Eve from the Heaven, and the birth of Jesus Christ. After the tour we will drive to Diyarbakir. Lunch at a local restaurant in Van. Dinner and overnight in Diyarbakir.

Departure from hotel at 09:00 and drive to Diyarbakir Today we will continue our way to Sanli Urfa, known as the City of Prophets. The city has a very rich and far reaching background, due to its location in the great fertile plain of upper Mesopotamia. Sanli Urfa was praised as the city of the prophets Hiob, Jethro and St. George, besides Abraham, who were said to have lived here. It is a holy city with the lake "Balikli Gol" at the foot of a crusader castle and surrounded by mosques. Subsequently we will drive to the city of ancient Antioch. Today we will discover another city in Eastern Anatolia. Urfa is an Anatolian city which has figured in all the religions of the book. Old Testament prophets such as Jethro (Hz. Suayp), Job (Hz. Eyup), Elijah (Hz. Elyasa) and Abraham (Hz. Ibrahim) lived in this city, which in ancient times known as Edessa, and Moses (Hz. Musa) lived in the region for seven years working as a shepherd before returning to Egypt with his staff. It was in Sanliurfa that early Christians were first permitted to worship freely, and where the first churches were constructed openly. Pagan temples were converted to synagogues, synagogues to churches and churches to mosques, resulting in a uniquely eclectic architecture. Back toward the main road is the village of Harran itself, with its beehive-like dwellings. Here was the site of the Temple of Sin (known also as the first university), famous throughout the ancient world for its star readers and savants. Continue the tour at Gaziantep. Lunch at a local restaurant In Urfa. Dinner and overnight in Gaziantep.

Departure from hotel at 09:00 and drive to Antakya. Antakya, the biblical Antioch, is situated on the Asi River (Orontes) in a fertile surrounding. The city was once the capital of the Seleucid kings and the life they lead in Antakya was renowned for its luxury and pleasures during Roman times. The city was the center of Christianity and had been visited by St.Barnabas, St.Paul and St.Peter. We will visit the marvelous mosaic museum and St. Peters Church. Afterwards we will proceed our way to Tarsus, where St. Paul was born. Subsequently drive to Adana. Lunch at a local restaurant which is in a part of historical church building. Dinner and overnight in Adana.

Departure from hotel at 08:30 and drive to Cappadoccia. Cappadocia is a wonderful region formed by volcano eruptions centuries ago. Erosions by wind, rain and snow caused many interesting shapes, which gives the impression that we are in the scene of a science fiction movie. Starting from the third century BC, Cappadoccia also became a religious centre for Christianity. We will visit Goreme open-air museum with its many carved churches. In Goreme open air museum we will see a selection of the churches, which have been carved in the caves and are decorated with frescos. We will also get in touch with some authentic handicrafts. The different panoramic spots in various valleys are especially interesting for photographers. We will also visit one of the underground cities. Afterwards we will discover the region with different valleys, each with breathtaking landscapes such as Guvercinlik, L. Canyon. We will also visit Uchisar which is the tallest point in Cappadoccia and has a wonderful view of the region.Lunch at a local restaurant in Goreme. Dinner and overnight in Cappadoccia.

Whole day will be spent in Cappadoccia region which displays a beautiful combination of nature and history. The geographic movements had formed the fairy chimneys and during the historical development process, mankind had settled and inhabited these natural wonders, fairy chimneys and carved houses and churches inside these formations and adorned these settlements with frescos, carrying the traces of the thousands of years of their civilizations. Staring from the 4th Century on, Cappadoce has also been chosen as a Christian center. Today we will see Derinkuyu underground city which is approximately 85m deep. It contains all the usual rooms found in an underground settlement (stables, cellars, refectories, churches, wineries etc.).The next stop will be Avanos. The main economic activity in the town is pottery, a craft dating back to the Hittite period. The red clay, which is worked by local craftsmen, comes from the residue in the Kizilirmak river. We will also see Zelve, Pasabag wineyards. At the end of the Cappadoccia tour we will drive to Konya. Lunch at a local restaurant in Avanos. Dinner and overnight in Konya.

Departure from hotel at 09:00 and drive to Pamukkale. Pamukkale is unique and famous with its white travertine terraces. The source rich in minerals has a healing power which is very early been discovered. We will visit a city, called Hierapolis has been founded as part of the Pergamon Kingdom. The site is known because of its acropolis; ancient cemetery. We will also see Loadikeia and Yalvac. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant. Dinner and overnight in Pamukkale at a thermal hotel.

Departure from hotel at 09:00 and drive to Izmir. We will visit Philadelphia, Sart, Akhisar, Pergamon, Acropolis, Asclepion. The Acropolis was built on an extremely steep hill, approached by a winding road ascending some 300m. In this uniquely designed city, religious, official, social and commercial buildings are all found side-by-side. On top of this hill, which has been inhabited since ancient times, are the palaces of the King of Pergamum. There are also five cisterns and an arsenal on the hill. Below these buildings is the Temple of Athena, as well as the Library and the Temple of Trajan. Asclepion translates as ’place of Aesklepios’, the son of Apollo and the god of healing and health, and was an important health centre in Greco-Roman times. Among the types of therapy practiced here were mud baths, sports, theatre, psychotherapy and use of medicinal waters. A colonnaded street leads to the Asclepion, and to the left of the entrance is the temple of Asclepios. This domed temple with its exceptionally thick 3m walls was built in 150 AD, with donations made to the god of health. The interior was decorated with colorful marble mosaics, and surrounded by galleries on three sides, the Aesklepion has a passageway running through the centre alongside the sacred spring towards the therapy building. It is thought that patients were cured here by the sound of running water and by the persuasive hypnotic techniques used by the priests. We will also see Sart, Akhisar. Lunch at a local restaurant. After a tired but a beautiful day dinner and overnight in Izmir.

Departure from hotel at 09:00.Today we will have a visit to Efesus. During our walk through the site we will see beautiful tempels, agora’s, marble streets, the Celsus library, theaters etc. in good shape. Only little imagination is needed to go some centuries back and feel daily life in the Roman or Greek period. We will also see visit St. Policarp Church, St. John Church, St. Mary House. After lunch at Agora Restaurant, we will go to Izmir Airport for flight to Istanbul at 17:00 by Turkish Airlines TK332. We will arrive Istanbul at 18:00. Dinner and overnight in Istanbul

Departure from hotel for full day tour of Istanbul. Istanbul, once known as an important capital has many unique features. It is the only city in the world to straddle two continents, and the only one to have been a capital during two consecutive empires - Byzantine and Ottoman. The city still remains the commercial, historical and cultural pulse of Turkey, and its beauty lies in its ability to embrace its contradictions. Ancient and modern, religious and secular, Asia and Europe, mystical and earthly all co-exist here. After having breakfast we will tour the “Old City”. This is the centre from where the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires were ruled. First visit of the Hippodrome, centre of sportive (chariot races, athletics) events and political activities of the old city. Subsequently visit of the Basilica of St. Sophia and Topkapi Palace with treasury section and harem. Hereafter visit of the Blue Mosque, the latter one is famous with its blue Iznik tiles and unique with 6 minarets and is built for Sultan Ahmet. After the visits there will be some free time at Taksim Square. This is one of the city’s focal points for shopping, entertainment and urban promenading and is a fine example of the contrasts and compositions of Istanbul with fashion shops, bookshops, cinemas, markets, restaurants. Lunch at a local restaurant. Flight back to home country.

 Kızkulesi, İstanbul
Kızkulesi, İstanbul
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